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Security culture

This section includes material created or provided by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to help improve awareness and best practices for security within the organisation.

Note: The advice in this material cannot guarantee to protect you from problems. The range of security threats is huge, and increasing all the time.

Who is this for?

This material is for anyone who implements, administers, supports, uses or delivers MoJ services.

Christmas SMS delivery scams

Seasonal celebrations are fun, but can also suffer from scams. A common scam involves sending fake parcel delivery text messages. The messages contain fake links. The links capture personal information and bank account details. Bad actors then use these details to steal money from individuals.

Some SMS messages get people to install malware. An example is Flubot, which steals personal and banking details. Flubot also uses your contact lists to send more fake texts.

The best way to avoid SMS scams is to contact parcel delivery companies directly. Go to their website and tracking your parcel there. Never click on a link in a text message.

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