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Security threat level and emergency procedures

To keep us all safe, security measures and threat levels are continuously under review. The latest information on changes to our current threat level and emergency procedures can be found below. We encourage you to stay informed and take note of the ways you can help to keep yourself and others safe. 

Information for staff

The threat level for international terrorism in the UK is currently (December 2021) at SEVERE. This means that a further attack is highly likely.

The response level across the government estate is currently at HEIGHTENED. This means there is no perception that the threat has altered, but it remains under review.

If you become aware of an incident that threatens the physical security of Ministry of Justice (MoJ) staff or premises: 

  • In situations that present an immediate threat call MoJ Group Security on 07583035594, including out of hours (24/7).
  • In non-urgent cases, create a security incident report, and email it to
  • Dial 999 in an emergency.

We are constantly reviewing our security operations and contingency planning across the MoJ estate. It is essential that staff support us by remaining vigilant and cooperating with security policies.

You can help by reporting any suspicious behaviour around MoJ buildings, for example cars parked strangely or moving slowly, or people observing, loitering or asking unusual questions.

Wear your pass at all times within the building, and challenge those without one. Never wear your pass outside, as it draws attention to you as a civil servant.

View our top tips for keeping the MoJ safe for further information and our counter-terrorism intranet page

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