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Security Team: asking for help


This document tells you about the Security Team. It explains how to ask for help, outlines how we handle your requests, and describes what happens next.

To ask for help from a security consultant, send an email to:

About the team

The Security Team is part of Ministry of Justice (MoJ) Security & Privacy. The MoJ Chief Information Security Officer leads the team.

The team provides help and guidance around cyber security matters, such as:

  • Understanding the risks facing your systems and services.

  • Designing and implementing effective mitigations for these risks.

  • Developing services using security best practices.

  • Checking that you or your third party suppliers have enough, and appropriate, cyber security measures in place.

  • Applying IT Security policy to specific scenarios.

Asking for help

If you need help dealing with a cyber security task or problem, send an email to:

Some requests are better handled by other teams. For urgent matters such as incidents, or to get help about physical or personnel security, contact For help with data protection, contact

The security team keep an eye open for email requests. Normally, you’ll get an acknowledgement or more detailed reply within two working days.

To help us help you, please answer these questions in your email request, as best you can:

  1. Who is the work for?
  2. Why is it important?
  3. What happens if the work is not done (or not done on time)?
  4. What is your need (old-style accreditation on an existing contract, guidance or advice, review of proposed approach,…)?
  5. What skills or experience does the work need (known or predicted)?
  6. When is the next project milestone that needs cyber consultancy input or involvement?

How the team handle requests for help

Each working day, we review all new requests.

We aim to get a reply to you within two working days of us receiving the request. Some large or complex requests might need more information and discussion. These requests take extra time for us to work out the best way to support you.

Some requests might not be appropriate for the team. In such cases, we send a prompt reply, explaining why it would be better to talk with a different team. We’ll usually recommend a more appropriate team, and provide contact details for them.

What happens next

If your request is not appropriate for the team, we’ll tell you immediately after the initial assessment.

If your request is appropriate for the team, the assigned consultant contacts you directly. They will engage with you to start providing the help you need.

If things go wrong…

If you disagree with our decision about your request, or there is some other problem, contact us again:

If you’d prefer a different escalation route, contact


If you have any questions or comments about this guidance, such as suggestions for improvements, please contact: