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Web Check

The service

The Web Check Service from NCSC is part of the Active Cyber Defence suite of services.

The service scans provided URLs for a series of indicators (negative and positive technical security configurations) and reports them through a web interface, email alerts and exportable report file.

Domains operated by, or on behalf of, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) must be added to Web Check under at least the central MoJ Web Check account.

How to use the service


The fully-qualified domain name or URL is required. It must be publicly accessible from the general Internet and present as a website on HTTP (TCP/80) and/or HTTPS (TCP/443).

The MoJ is permitted to use the service for free as a central government organisation, but suppliers to MoJ currently are not.

Get started

Contact the MoJ Cybersecurity team to be added into MoJ’s subscription of the service.

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