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The guidance applies to all Ministry of Justice (MoJ) staff.

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Lost devices or other IT security incidents

Storing data on laptops

If you need to store data on your computer you should always remember to move it into:

  1. Your local Electronic Document and Record Management (EDRM) system.
  2. An MoJ shared drive.
  3. Your MoJ-provided ‘home’ drive.

Do this as soon as you can next connect to the MoJ network.

Where data should be saved when using a laptop

It is best to avoid saving any data on a laptop hard drive. However, if you absolutely must, you should always remember to copy or move the data to the MoJ network as soon as you next can connect to it, either via secure remote access or by direct connection.

In order to avoid potential data loss, save data in:

  1. Your local Electronic Document and Record Management (EDRM) system.
  2. An MoJ shared drive.
  3. Your MoJ-provided ‘home’ drive.

There is a better chance of recovering lost data if you have saved it to the MoJ network, as data stored on the MoJ network is backed up daily.

The impact of hard drive failures

Hard drive failures can lead to the irrecoverable loss of data. Any data loss can have security implications for the MoJ, and a significant impact on:

  • Our business opportunities.
  • Our reputation.
  • Our ability to deliver services to the public.

If you experience any issues with your laptop or IT service, ask for help.

For more information about the main security issues that are likely to affect remote and mobile workers, refer to the remote working guide.

How to reset your password

To reset your password, you will need to contact the IT Service Desk. They will carry out checks to confirm your identity. This might include asking your line manager or court manager to confirm your identity, by sending an email to the IT Service Desk. Once your identity is confirmed, your password will be reset and you will quickly regain access to your laptop.

General enquiries, including theft and loss

Technology Service Desk - including DOM1/Mojo, and Digital & Technology Digital Service Desk. Use one of the following two methods for contacting service desk:

Note: The previous and email addresses, and the Digital & Technology Digital Service Desk Slack channel (#digitalservicedesk), are no longer being monitored.

HMPPS Information & security:

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For any further questions or advice relating to security, contact:


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