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Lost devices or other IT security incidents

This guidance applies to all staff and contractors who work for the Ministry of Justice (MoJ).

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What to do if your device is lost, stolen, or compromised

If MoJ data or information is lost or compromised, you should always report it as a data incident.

Note: You can help reduce problems by making sure that devices used for MoJ tasks are always shut down before leaving Government premises. Locking a laptop, or ‘putting it to sleep’ is not completely secure. A lost or stolen laptop can be accessed more easily if it is only locked or sleeping. A shut down makes sure that all security measures are in place, such as full disk encryption.

If you think your device is lost, stolen, ‘hacked’, or in some way compromised, you must:

  1. Contact your IT Service Desk. The analyst will ask the relevant questions and note responses on the ticket.

    Technology Service Desk - including DOM1/Mojo, and Digital & Technology Digital Service Desk. Use one of the following two methods for contacting service desk:

    • Tel: 0800 917 5148
    • MoJ Service Portal and Live Chat Note: The previous and email addresses, and the Digital & Technology Digital Service Desk Slack channel (#digitalservicedesk), are no longer being monitored.
  2. Tell your line manager as soon as possible.
  3. For a lost or stolen device, contact the Police and make sure you get the incident reference number.


Find out more about how to report a security incident.

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